Web Development.

Global Concept


A website development and an ecommerce shop are more necessary than ever for every company that wants to keep up with the needs of our times. They are the ultimate tools for business growth and brand identity enhancement in every industry.

Business wise, developing a professional website is considered to be crucial assisting to reach your goals.


A proper website development is the cornerstone of your online business presence, as it will bring awareness, enhance loyalty, build trust with your clients and of course, bring sales growth. Every person, wherever they are, gets information and shapes a personal view about your business without effort or expenses. Also, a well structured and updated website becomes your online seller 24/7.


A modern designed website with a well based content strategy , is the optimal way to achieve a user friendly experience, winning the customer’s impression while reflecting your brand’s philosophy. In order to succeed this, we undertake the design, development and the promotion of your website.





WordPress & Custom made solutions

We develop fully integrated websites, e-shops and tailor made applications using state of the art technology. At Global Concept you are able to choose between a unique tailor made template-based website or a custom made website designed and developed especially for your needs.
We acknowledge that every client is unique, so we adjust to the requirements of any given project, creating a fully functional website which keeps up with your business goals. For any concern you might have, please contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.


Why you should choose Global Concept.

Speed: We are fully aware of how important your online business presence is for you, so we deliver every project we undertake as quickly as possible, always meeting the agreed deadlines. Experience: We are happy to have a well structured and experienced team, who are at your disposal, willing to assist you anytime needed.
Flexibility: We are here to satisfy your every need. We work together with you, offering the best possible solution to your requirements.
Quality: We guarantee the best possible quality of every project we deliver. Our experts always carry out thorough inspections, in order to ensure functionality and compatibility of your website with the search engines, reviewing with detail every case scenario.
Support: We provide continuous support, maintenance and optimization on your website for any change or update that may come up. You can trust us with your website's performance, security and design.

PHP Developer

The company Global Concept με έδρα την Πυλαία Θεσσαλονίκης ζητά PHP Developer για πλήρη απασχόληση.

Παρέχουμε ανταγωνιστές αποδοχές, ανάλογα με το επίπεδο γνώσεων και την εμπειρία.

Απαραίτητα Προσόντα

• Καλή γνώση PHP, MySQL

• Kαλή γνώση HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery

• Ικανότητα συνεργασίας μέσα σε ομάδα

• Θέληση για εκμάθηση νέων τεχνολογιών


• Σύγχρονο περιβάλλον εργασίας

• Συνεχής εκπαίδευση και ενασχόληση με νέες τεχνολογίες