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Digital Marketing March 01, 2024

Email Marketing in a Social Media Age: Why It Still Matters

Email Marketing in a Social Media Age: Why It Still Matters

In the era of social media, it's easy to overlook the value of a well-crafted email. Yet, email marketing remains an incredibly effective tool for reaching and engaging with customers. At Global Concept, we firmly believe in the power of email marketing. Here's why it's still a crucial part of our digital strategy.

Personalized and Direct Communication

Unlike social media posts, which are often broadcasted to a broad audience, emails are direct and personal. They land straight in your customers' inboxes, giving you a private channel to communicate. With the ability to personalize emails based on customers' preferences and behaviors, we can create highly targeted messages that resonate on an individual level.

High Engagement Rates

Email continues to drive impressive engagement rates. According to Litmus, the average open rate for emails is around 21.3%. When compared to the average organic reach on Facebook (around 5.2% according to Hootsuite), it's clear that email can be a far more effective medium for reaching your audience.

Better Conversion Rates

Email marketing also excels in driving conversions. According to Campaign Monitor, the average email conversion rate is about 15.11%, compared to 1.9% for social media. We leverage this power at Global Concept, crafting compelling emails that encourage users to take action.

Ownership of the Marketing Channel

With email, you own the relationship with your customer. Unlike social media platforms, where algorithms control what users see, email allows for direct, unfiltered communication. This means your messages are more likely to reach your audience, ensuring your marketing efforts don't go unnoticed.

Great ROI

Finally, email marketing offers an outstanding return on investment. According to the Data & Marketing Association, for every 1€ you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of 42€. At Global Concept, we're all about maximizing ROI, and email marketing is a key part of that strategy.


While social media continues to be an essential tool in digital marketing, it doesn't diminish the value of email marketing. At Global Concept, we leverage both to create robust, multi-faceted marketing strategies. Email marketing allows us to communicate directly and personally with our customers, driving engagement, conversions, and ultimately, success for our clients. Even in a social media age, email marketing remains a potent tool in our digital arsenal.

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