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Thessaloniki, Greece 4:05 AM
Thessaloniki, Greece
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A premier CRM for real estate agencies.

PHP, MariaDB, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
Bootstrap, jQuery

Estate+ is not just software; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower real estate professionals across Greece. Developed with precision and a deep understanding of the real estate market's nuances, Estate+ stands as a beacon of innovation, supporting over 1,000 real estate agents who rely on its robust features daily. Here's a closer look at what makes Estate+ a game-changer in the real estate industry.

Millions of Records

Over 180TB of database traffic every month.


Hundreds of Real Estate Websites

Having crafted over 300 websites, we empower agencies with a powerful tool to showcase their properties.


Amazing Features

Achieve the maximum with minimal effort.


User Groups and Access Rights

Designed to provide administrators with unparalleled control over their teams' access to the system.


Subscription Options and Add-ons

Variety of subscription options that align with different business sizes and requirements.


Administration Panel

Within the management panel, our team has access to a range of administrative functions designed to support and enhance the Estate+ user experience.


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