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A CRM software for dog trainers.

PHP, MariaDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, Firebase, Google Cloud Scheduler
Bootstrap, jQuery

We're excited to introduce Kyon CRM, a truly innovative CRM solution, specifically designed to serve the unique needs of dog training academies. As the team behind this comprehensive platform, we, at Global Concept, couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished with Kyon CRM.

Stability and Future-Proof Scalability

Kyon CRM's stability is a testament to the high-quality development work behind the platform.


Seamless Subscription System

Kyon CRM offers its users a hassle-free, secure subscription process.


Optimal Performance, Zero Operational Costs

Kyon CRM is a technological marvel built on a strong foundation of industry-leading technologies.


Platform Features

Kyon CRM is more than a simple customer relationship management tool; it's a comprehensive platform designed specifically for dog training academies.


Optimized Task Scheduling

Kyon CRM uses Google Cloud Scheduler to run optimized and cost-effective operations.


Progressive Web App (PWA)

Kyon CRM is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA).


User Registration

Creating an account on Kyon CRM is a simple, straightforward process for dog training academies.



To ensure seamless integration with third-party applications, Kyon CRM offers a comprehensive API.



In the competitive landscape of CRM solutions, KyonCRM stands out as a premier choice for dog trainers worldwide.


Admin Panel

Kyon CRM includes a comprehensive admin panel that allows the Kyon CRM team to effectively manage and support their clients.


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