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Thessaloniki, Greece
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A CRM and EMR for doctors and clinics.

PHP, MariaDB, RabbitMQ
Bootstrap, jQuery

MedCRM represents a groundbreaking approach to medical practice management, skillfully blending Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) functionalities into a single, cohesive platform. Developed with the unique needs of healthcare professionals in mind, MedCRM streamlines patient interactions, simplifies record-keeping, and enhances the delivery of care. This innovative platform is designed not just to manage patient data efficiently but to transform the way doctors engage with their patients, optimize their practice’s operations, and ultimately, improve health outcomes.

Robust Data Handling and Performance

Designed to handle the extensive demands of the healthcare industry.


Calendar and Scheduling

An advanced calendar system designed specifically for the complex scheduling needs of doctors and clinics.


Dynamic Form Builder

A versatile tool designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers across all specialties.


Financial Management

MedCRM elevates financial operations within medical practices through its integrated financial management system.


Access Level Management

Designed to offer healthcare administrators unparalleled control over their MedCRM environment.


REST API for Seamless Integration and Flexibility

A comprehensive REST API, designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and integration possibilities for healthcare providers.


Helpdesk and Knowledge Base

Designed to assist doctors and healthcare staff in maximizing the use of MedCRM.


Front Website & Administration Panel

These platforms serve as the primary interface for engaging with MedCRM.


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