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Thessaloniki, Greece 8:48 AM
Thessaloniki, Greece
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A Private, Exclusive Social Network.

PHP, NodeJS, MariaDB, Amazon S3, RabbitMQ, Redis, Firebase
Bootstrap, jQuery

Tenzor is an exclusive and private invitation-only social network designed to revolutionize how you connect, share, and engage with like-minded individuals. As a next-generation platform, Tenzor combines the best aspects of Twitter's real-time communication with enhanced features that empower you to share a wealth of content and build meaningful connections.


Millisecond-level loading times, frictionless user experience.



High availability infrastructure that guarantees seamless connectivity and scalability,


Asynchronous Operations

A seamless and responsive user experience with asynchronous operations.


Smart Resource Management

Optimized operational costs without compromising on quality.


Platform Features

Millisecond-level loading times, frictionless user experience.


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